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In The SQL Server You Will learn

Introduction to Basic Database Concepts

What is Data, Field, Record and database?

Limitations of File Management System

Basic Concepts of DBMS

Exploring Relational DBMS

Understanding Client and Server


Normalizing Tables

Introduction to SQL Server

What is SQL Server Version history and different editions

Basic Features Components and Tools

Starting and Stopping SQL Server Instances / Services

Introduction to Management Studio

Types of System Databases in SQL

Introduction to SQL

Basics of SQL Types of SQL Statements


Create Database using Management Studio

Datatypes in SQL Server

DDL and DML Statements

Why write statements in Frontends?)

Create, Alter and Drop Table

Insert, Update and Delete Statement Truncate Statement

Working with Queries

Understanding Select Statement

The import Statement

Usage of Top, Distinct, Null etc...keywords

Using String and Arithmetic Expressions

Exploring Where Clause with Operators

Using Advanced Operators

Sorting data using Order By clause

Working with basic of Sub Queries

Aggregate Functions

Using functions in Queries

Using predefined functions

Count, Sum, Min, Max, Avg Group By and Having Clause

Using Group By with Rollup and Cube

Joins and Set Operations

Introduction to Joins

Various types of Join

Sub Queries

Set Operations using Unions, Intersect and Except

Working with Constraints



Primary Key

Foreign Key

Implementing Views)

Introduction & Advantages of Views

Creating, Altering, Dropping Views

Advance Options while Creating a View

SQL Server Catalogue Views

Data Control language (DCL)

Creating Users & Roles

Granting & Revoking of Roles & privileges

Managing using Management Studio

Working with Indexes

Introduction Clustered and Non Clustered Index

Creating and Dropping Indexes

Writing Transact-SQL (T-SQL)

What is T-SQL?

Declaring and using Variables

Error Handling

Using System Functions / Global Variables Using Dynamic SQL

Working with Stored Procedures and Functions

Introduction to stored procedures

Benefits of Stored Procedures

Creating, Executing Modifying, Dropping

Input–Output and Optional Parameters

System defined SP’s and Functions

User defined Functions

Implementing Triggers

Introduction to triggers

Creating, Altering, Dropping triggers

for/after/instead of triggers

Backup and Restore

Generating SQL Script

Executing SQL Script

Taking database Backup

Restoring database using backup

Attaching and Detaching of database

Advance Features

Pivot Table

Analyze Performance

Basic Session Functionality

Implementing Simple Sessions Configuring Session Control

Configuring Session Control

A Guide to Moving and Copying Databases

Creating a database

Creating a database Table


Populating a MySQL database

Relational database tables

Populating the relational table

Best Practices

Structuring a database

Using tables

Table relationships

Common data types