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we have a responsibility to ensure that we promote and facilitate a respectful environment. It‚Äôs good to take one‚Äôs mind off the troubles of exams or reports from time to time‚ÄĒsomething that participating in events can provide ūüôā

counter strike competition 2021

Counter Strike gaming Competitionwas held on 16th Jan 2021 Winners were awarded with prize money. Students participated in a form of team. 10 teams was selected.

Presentation Competition 2019

Final Round

Final Round of Presentation Competition was held on 30th Nov 2019. Winner and Runner ups were awarded with prize money and all participants were awarded with certificates to appreciate their efforts.

Presentation Competition 2019

First Round

Competitions are one way of learning. The App Station organized Presentation Competition for students to boost their public speaking confidence. 8 students were selected for final round out of 26.

Web Designing 2019

Each year The App Station arranges Web Designing competition for students so they can enhance and learn much better about the technologies they have learnt. Web Designing completion 2019 was another successful competition by us.

14 August 2018

Being patriotic is one thing our students are. Independence Day anniversary of Pakistan was celebrated in The App Station with great enthusiasm. Students took part in speech, tableau and singing national songs.

Picnic 2018

The App Station organized summer picnic 2018 at Turtle beach. The benefits are many but one of many benefits of picnic is that students feel refreshed and much energized after picnic.

Result DSE 2018

Certificate of software engineering (CSE) & Diploma in software engineering (DSE) result announcement along with Web Designing competition result announcement and award distribution

Web Designing 2018

We arranged Web Designing Competition for the student. Students of The App Station love competitions because they provide them with authentic learning. Web Designing Competition of 2018 was a great success.

14 August2017

Celebrating 70th Anniversary of Pakistan with staff and students. Center building was decorated with colossal amount of passion.